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Okay, so in fairness we’ve become an instant society so I didn’t actually mean what I said in the namesake of this post.  But really, do we ever mean what we say in the title?  Just look at “New Zealand;”  any of you heard of Old Zealand?  Or Zealand for that matter?  Of course not.  They were just trying to be hip and trendy and heard that “New” was ‘in’ for the title of your continent slash country slash island slash whatever the hell New Zealand actually is.  They probably heard that New york was awesome and named accordingly.

Can I say that in no way does that first part of this post reflect any historical research, political beliefs, or – as a matter of fact – any quantitative evidence of realistic.

Anyway, as the featured images hint at – I’ve bought this insta-print camera.  Probably one of the best investments I’ve made in a good long while, because I don’t think people appreciate the kind of forethought that our elders had to put into taking a picture back in the day.  Actually, cut to now – we take pictures like they’re a god damn unlimted resource that’s just begging to be consumed; hell, we take pictures like they challenged us, dared us really, to “do your worst.”

Like, just imageine … It’s 1994 and all your freinds and family are over with their fanny packs and windbreaker jackets; you’ve poured a few drinks and everyones merry and willing to put up with the bullshit you manifest as the host; when suddenly, you break out the old picture collage of the last year of your life .. and in it?  42 pages of selfies that you took in the bathroom.

Art is dead, guys.

Laugh out loud, no I’m just being old.  (that’s coming from somone who’s 24.)

But really, I think there’s kind of a restorative beauty in this camera that I’ve purchased.  Something that I thought was lost in this day and age; the kind of planning that makes you take in a moment.  In Shawshank Redemption, there was this quote that stuck with me; “The world went and got itself into a big damn hurry.”  Don’t judge me; I know .. it’s all your dead beat friends that are posting inspirational quotes on social media, but I was just using Shawshank to make a point.

Sometimes we need to take a little time.  And it’s been kind of awesome to get to go back and see what it was like before you could just hold up your iPhone and take 2 billion pictures of the god damn steak you’re having at Texas Roadhouse.

In fact, it inspired me so much that I thought of this short film revolving around the idea of a insta-print camera – where it kind of becomes this medium for the character to channel his anxiety, loneliness, and depression.   Then I got to together with a couple of friends and did the do.

So for your viewing pleasure: