If you know anything about Zappos.com, it’s probably the big deal about them offering $2000 to their trainees at the end of training to quit.  What an offer, right?  Well, less than one percent of trainees who make it through the program actually take it, and the reason for this is culture, according to the article Your Culture is Your Brand.  Zappos doesn’t want to be about their product, or their customer service; they have bigger fish to fry so to speak.  They want to be known for their wow experience in this age where a company could literally be consumed by a bigger and better company overnight.

Industry is changing, and it has become more competitive than ever.  But the upside to that is that it is a whole lot easier to break into if you have the right vision and heading for your company.  This is what Zappos describes as their culture.  The encompassing whole; the big picture; the spectrum of their entirety that allows them to thrive in this changing industry.