ImageWhen you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.  Or at least that’s how Apple saw their situation post-iPod invention.  “Hey, we’re facing multi-million dollar net losses, our stock is growing more and more worthless as we continue through this meeting, not very many people view a job at Apple as a positive career move; know what?  Let’s put out one of the greatest products ever re-invented.”  Yeah, that’s probably how the conversation went when the Apple enthusiasts began work on the iPod.

In 2012, we all know what that invention led too, iPhone’s and iPad’s most notably, but back then who would have thought that such a company could literally change the technological world with so immense an idea?  People always view things from the present perspective, forgetting context, and thus fail to realize how enormous a business move it was for Apple to think so largely.

Today, that company [Apple] is known as one of the most innovative, revolutionary, and prosperous companies in operation – most of us remembering that brief point where Apple had more cash on hand that the U.S Government.  And why?  Because they know how to think big.

In the article How a Team at Apple Made the iPod Dream Reality the differences between goals and dreams are clarified and it is explained how Apple led the way in dreaming up a new era.  Anyone reading this is a personal witness to this dreams implementation as Macbook’s, iMac’s, iPhone’s, etc., now reign as the most popular technological devices in the world. If you own a cell phone at all, I think it’s pretty safe to say that you know what an iPhone is at least, even if you don’t own one.  I couldn’t pick out Samsung’s Galaxy whatever the hell it’s called from a random outdated phone that happened to be lying right next to it, because honestly, I have no idea what the damned thing looks like.  Unless you’re a person who strives to know cell phones, in which case it better be your job or something or else you’re just weird, you probably couldn’t identify a lot of the cellphones on the  market.  But there is one that anyone could pick out blindfolded and gagged with a dungeon master yelling crude insults about violating you; the iPhone.  In said scenario, you should probably use it to call for help.

The same goes for most iPod’s as compared to the miscellaneous mp3 players that those other people put out.  Even if you don’t know the difference between a iPod Nano and an iPod Touch, you would be able to tell just by picking it up that it is in fact an iPod.  How many other mp3’s are on the market that have that kind of notoriety?  Very few my friend.

Now I’m a Apple advocate, for more reasons than they’re the name brand, so I know I’m a little biased.  I’ve come to terms with that.  After accepting that I am pro-Apple, I’ve actually found myself in fewer Mac vs. PC, iPhone vs. Droid debates because I just don’t care enough about the other product to get involved anymore.  And if I do find myself in a debate, I often just quote a statistic unique to an Apple product, such as “the iPhone has sold over five million copies in its first weekend.  What other phone did that?” and then leave it at that.

I think the real reason I’m so onboard with Apple is because of their vision though.  They never put out a product and then call their work complete.  It’s always “What’s next?” with them.  I like that.

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