I have a riddle for you:  The man who made it sold it.  The man who bought it, didn’t want it.  The man who used it, didn’t know it.  What was it?

A coffin.

Okay, bad riddle, but when it comes to marketing, generally speaking, you want your product to be appealing to the buyer so that they will want one for themselves unless, of course, you’re selling coffins – in which case, any old box will do.  Right?

Anywho, a new trend has come along as an effective way of selling things that people don’t need, excluding coffins, in a way that makes them believe that they must have it.  And that way is making it more human.  Well, you’re probably thinking, “Cedric [I’m Cedric by the way, nice to meet you], how do I make a toaster more human?”  Well, it’s simple really.  You think of how humans probably view their toasters.  What they want out of it.  How they interact with it.  What they probably say about it.  Then you channel that into a marketing scheme that will make people feel like the commercial was directed directly at them because hey, we’ve all thought to ourselves, “Why doesn’t someone invent a clear toaster so you can see how toasted your toast is whilst it’s toasting, you feel me?” I digress.

In the article titled For Brands, Being Human is the New Black the humanistic propaganda that has emerged, most notably in the Old Spice, Domino’s, and Dos Equis Brands, is explored and discussed.  Why is it effective?  Why would a mega-company want to do it?  I know that a political debate is ongoing about the question of whether or not business are in fact human, and entitled to human rights.  I’ll leave that alone here in lieu of the presidential election that is upcoming.

But the point is that companies want to appear human because they’re marketing to humans.  In the blockbuster movie Avatar, which just so happens to be the number one grossing movie of all time, director James Cameron was asked why the Avatar women had boobs.  His answer: “because although they are alien people, this movie was made for human people.”  Nail on the head answer.

It doesn’t really matter what you’re selling.  If it doesn’t apply to people, why in the blue hell would people want to buy it?  And the best way to appeal to people is to walk among them, as one of them.  Because we all like a little familiarity in our lives.  There’s nothing scarier than something that we haven’t seen before.

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