ImageOh boy.  What were those five stages of loss?  Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Alienation, and Acceptance?  Yes indeed, and I think Blockbusted, I mean Blockbuster, has rode rough shod through each and everyone of them.

Why?  Truthfully, I believe it’s good ole Darwin’s – accompanied with Herbert Spencer who I believe actually coined the quotable phrase – theory about survival of the fittest.  Blockbuster failed to adapt.  Speaking of blockbusters, in the Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway’s character Selina Kyle is quoted saying, “A storm is coming […] and when it hits, you and your friends are going to wonder how you could ever live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”  Metaphorically, that storm devastated Blockbuster and now they’re sitting around wondering how they could be so foolish as to allow the innovators [i.e. Netflix and company] to scrape enough crumbs together to sink the Titanic.

The digital era is doing naughty things to the pretenders who held the thrown for far too long, and unfortunately, I believe that Blockbuster let this new technology slip right under them for someone else to snatch the rug.  Okay, that’s enough of the analogies.  Point blank, Blockbuster wasn’t ready for change when it came.  I would argue that they had plenty of time to see a new age coming, and plenty of resources to beat Red Box to the punch, but chose not to.  They figured that they could mosey about as they were and expect to compete in an industry that takes no prisoners.

Now Blockbuster’s CEO claims that the company is a lot like Apple, who actually ushered in a good deal of the digital technology in use.  Apple has been in a similar predicament, so I’m going to give Blockbuster the benefit of the doubt here.  Honestly, their situation looks a bit hopeless, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.  So I’m going to root in their favor because I do believe that they still have a chance, despite the fact that they appear to be down and out.  They need a miracle.  Apple once needed a miracle and they created the iPod instead.

So maybe Blockbuster is simply buying their time, waiting to unveil some secret strategy that will blow the roof off of the movie biz.  Hopefully they do.  Because this world needs a few more companies like Apple who give us products like iPhone’s.

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