Think about a massage parlor; personally, I’ve never been in one myself, so I’m speaking from a point of view of complete ignorance, which is often times a good thing; now, there’s probably some residual idea stuck somewhere in your head about the notions of happy endings, or you’re just completely unaware of social humor.  Now chances are, it’s a rarity, not only because it’s illegal, but because it’s a terrible way to bring in business.  Or is it?

Now, if we look at any other business a happy ending – no sexual puns intended here – would be a good thing.  Anything that guarantees’ a positive customer experience could, in theory, be a happy ending, even if that is illegal. If you lead the alternate lifestyle, meaning that you make your means with business that isn’t strictly speaking legal, then you are going to want to guarantee that it was worth your customers time to take the risk.  If you do play by the rules, you still want to use the same guiding principle because customer experience is what good business is all about.

Don’t believe me, in the article titled Start With Customer Experience we get a thesis, a title, and a video all supporting this point of view.  But most importantly, the proponent of this theory is the late-great Steve Jobs, who is responding to a harsh challenge from a gentleman who claims Jobs knows nothing.  If there was one thing Steve Jobs did know, it’s how to satisfy a customer.  And be the head figure in not one, but two major companies in America (Apple being the obvious one, but Pixar being the latter), but that’s past the point.  Apple’s fundamental rule is satisfying the customer and I’d say that the gentleman who claimed that Jobs didn’t know what he was saying was utterly, completely, and obliviously full of shit.

Of course, I’m looking from the perspective of hindsight, but the actual point of this whole shenanigans is best summed up in the words, “[…] you’ve got to start with customer experience and work your way backwards for technology.”  And if you are not in the technological world, then product can serve as the replacement because a satisfied customer is ultimately your goal, otherwise you will have no customers, and thusly, no business.  Or in other words, you have to give out happy endings to keep them coming back.

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