I was going to type up a proposal, but after a small exchange via email, I found that the story-pitch is best left to the narrator who actually experienced it.  So without further adieu:

“After years of searching for a theater group that shared my Christian interests, I finally found one, and in the Spring of 2008 they were going to Hollywood and having classes taught by a well-recognized connected and respected group.  I signed up with glee and two weeks later, I found a lump. For three months I kept it to myself and after deciding that I wanted to move to Hollywood, I knew there was one last thing to do.  So in early July, I heard the words that put the brakes on that dream once again, when the doctor called to say, “I’m sorry Ms. Tillman, it’s cancer.”

“From that point forward, I was stretched and tested emotionally, physically, and mentally as my diagnosis got worse with every test and exam.  Of the four stages of cancer, I was fist told that I had stage one and by the tyime they did my lumpectomy, stage three.  I had to have additional surgery when they didn’t get it all, and prayed that it hadn’t gone into my chest wall.  I suffered not only the pain of a double mastectomy but also having the shingles while going through radiation on the same area.

“Someone once told me that every trail in life can be looked at in one of two ways; either an obstacle or an opportunity.  I knew that the pain was inevitable, but determined that I would choose how to go through my treatment.  From dying my hair ugly colors, shaving it into a mohawk, to dressing up as Uncle Fester for Halloween. A poem I wrote the year before became my battle cry in my darkest days.  “When the pathway is rocky and your road is too much just remember the hands that designed you with love.  Lean in His arms and walk in his grace.  You’re safe in your Heavenly Father’s embrace.”