It’s funny, I remember sitting in Astronomy – for my Junior College Non-lab Science course – while my instructor lectured over the affects that the moon has on the Earth.  Now, it is pretty common knowledge that we owe our seasonal weather to the position of the moon, etc., etc.  It’s perhaps less common, but still common enough, knowledge that the word “month” comes from the word “moon,” and that originally the two words were the same – meaning that every new moon signified a new month.  Of course, we honed our calendar for more exact purposes, but the point being that months are a direct result of the study of the moon and its affects.  Well, to open up discussion, my Professor asked, “How many of you believe that the moon affects human behavior?”

One of the most interesting debates I’ve ever participated in stemmed from that simple question, but in summary, everyone in the class believed that they knew of others who were affected by it, but they themselves were not.  We, as humans, are such hypocrites.

Little did I know that the topic would come up again later on in life, though with a slightly different spin on it.

In a fun, but enlightening, graph entitled Peak Break-Up Times on Facebook, like the title implies, the months in which the highest statistics of break ups are studied and identified according to Facebook listings.

Now, as a disclaimer, I personally believe that this trend of Facebook Relationships have a likelihood of failure, because what does a couple who is truly in love care about the officialness, if I can get away with that word, of “In a Relationship?”

Ergo, there are couples who are married on Facebook and have made it work, but I digress.

On this graph, we immediately look to Valentines Day, probably out of curiosity, or at least I did, and notice the beginning of the first spike.  I guess it really isn’t the holiday of love.  Climbing even higher in the conclusion of many relationships, we move into spring break.  To me, this is actually a predictable mark, as we peregrinate further into an epoch of break ups.  It seems, as the graph rightfully suggests, that “spring-cleaning” is about more than tidying up.  After March, there is a massive fall off in the ending of relationships – meaning that everyone seems content with their other, or they’re just single – until we reach April Fool’s Day, where I’m sure a joke was either taken too seriously, or not seriously enough.  WE move through the summer with pretty even tides, a few spikes here and there, but nothing to be excited about.  But Lord help us as we move into the Winter Holidays: A spike bigger than anything on the graph thus far occurs.  It’s a wonder that anybody on the planet is not single, according to the stats.  “Too cruel” Christmas, as it’s called.  Apparently, this is the pivotal moment where couples have to decide whether or not they want to buy a gift for their significant other.  I once heard that if you dedicate through Christmas, you have to be willing to tough it out until Valentine’s Day, which if you recall, kickstarts the break up year.

I’m sure most of the world believes, “Oh the months – and subsequently the holidays – have nothing to do with my relationship,” if my Astronomy debate was any indication of how people view themselves in the context of nature.  But as the old saying goes, “Men lie, women lie; numbers don’t.”


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